Expanded clay Arexpan Standard

standard expanded clay for lightweight concretes

It is our best known product, with standard sizes 8/16, 3/10 and 0/4mm.

Thanks to its low density, insulating ability, and fire resistance, the product has many applications:

  • Lightweight refractory concretes
  • Refractory mortars
  • Flat and inclined covers
  • Lightweight precast concrete
  • Refurbishing
  • Insulating filler
  • Land filler
  • Roof garden / hydroponics
  • Drainage
  • Etc
  • Packaging: The material can be supplied in bulk (tipper truck or by pumping), big bags (3 or 1.5 m3) and in sacs of 50 litres on pallet (70 bags per pallets).

    Densities: It is possible to offer products with greater densities than usual for structural concrete.

    Density table

    Type Density tm/m3
    Arexpan 8/16mm 0,34 +-5
    Arexpan 3/10mm 0,42 +-5
    Arexpan 0/4mm 0,55 +-5